Introduction to Regenerative Medicine

We would offer you regenerative medicine for your pain that does not improve with insurance-covered treatment or post-surgery pain that does not disappear.

Treatments that utilize blood and cell collected from patients’ body are categorized as “regenerative medicine”. Regenerative medicine only uses ingredients derived from patients’ themselves, instead of using medicine. Therefore, they are less likely to experience side effects, and it is a safe treatment.
Our clinic offers PRP therapy and stem-cell therapy to patients who struggle with pains and symptoms that are difficult to improve with insurance coverage treatments. This page introduces you to what kind of treatments we would suggest depending on patients’ symptoms. Please do not hesitate to contact us about symptoms that are not written in this page.

Are you suffering from symptoms like these?

Pain on your knee and joint

Pain in orthopedic field causes you difficulties in dairy lives. Generally, for symptoms like this, treatments such as dosing and surgery are used. However, many of those might have struggles of lasting pain or concerns for surgery with long-term hospitalization and side effects.

Our clinic offers regenerative medicine for patients’ with these problems. We have two methods, PRP therapy and stem-cell therapy. Patients tend to experience no side effects since both therapies utilize your blood and cell. In addition to this, the therapies would be done in a short period time and they would not require hospitalization.

PRP therapy

PRP therapy takes small amount of patients’ blood, and then inject PRP that is separated from the blood component into an affected area. The process, blood withdrawal, PRP preparation, and injection would be done in a day, and also, it is cheaper than stem-cell therapy.

PRP has good reputations for suppression of inflammation with immediate effect, thus we recommend PRP therapy to those who want to relieve pain which makes rehabilitations easier.

  • You can receive PRP treatment on the same day as your first visit.
  • In PRP melted liquid therapy we collect blood for multiple injections and preserve frozen the extracted PRP. You’ll have to come another day to get the injection, but you won’t have to wait for the extraction.
  • Cost for each injection of 4ml PRP is 90,000 yen (Fees for collection of blood, extraction of PRP and injection is included). It’s more affordable than other clinics.
  • All the PRP we make in our clinic is from patients’ own blood. So there is little chance to get side effects.

If you want to know more about PRP therapy, please check the FAQ.

Stem-cell therapy

Stem-cell therapy collects stem cell from patients’ fat. After extraction and cultivation the cell, it is injected into an affected area.
It takes about 2 to 3 months for cell cultivation.

Stem cell has differentiation ability which involves the changing to a more specialized cell. Therefore, it regenerates the cell of the affected part. You can expect not only prevention of symptoms, but you can also expect prevention of future recurrence, going back to the healthy state. Stem cell from fat is easier when extracting and cultivating compared to ES cell or iPS cell. Also, it is reported that stem cell from fat is extremely low risk of becoming cancerous. Please check the FAQ for more information.

The following flowcharts briefly explain the process of the two therapies.

Our clinic offers combination treatment of PRP therapy and stem-cell therapy. PRP therapy relieves pain first and patients work on required rehabilitations. Stem-cell therapy prevents recurrence of symptoms by promoting regeneration.   People tend to have painful ideas on rehabilitations. However, we suggest you the use of robot in rehabilitations which make them easier leading to effective recovery. Regenerative medicine excels in the Quality of Life overall.

Our doctors who are specialized in shoulder, back and knee individually would consult you at the clinic. Based on your pain area, we recommend you the following doctors for consultation.

  • Knee pain: Dr. Masataka Deie (The fourth Saturday of each month)
  • Shoulder pain: Dr. Saho Tsuchiya (Every Saturday except for the fourth)
  • Back pain: Dr. Kazuyoshi Nakanishi (Every Monday)

Wrinkles, Sag, and Acne scars

Pursuing beauty and youth is the majority of people’s permanent desire. By using regenerative medicine, better and younger skin conditions can be expected. We are offering scientifically proven, safe aging care such as PRP, Botox treatment, and stem-cell cosmetic products.

Let us know your concerns.

  • Face skin troubles: Dr. Yuko Tani (The third Wednesday of each month) or Dr. Yuji Hayashi (Every Friday)

Rough hands, Wrinkles of hands

Hands are the parts of the body that you use every single day without rest and that people pay attention to subconsciously. We provide a treatment by our specialist for damaged skin. Get beautiful and ageless hands with us.

If you have any concerns regarding hands, feel free to contact us.

  • Hand skin troubles: Dr. Yuko Tani (The third Wednesday of each month)

Itchiness, Swelling, Auto Immune Disorder

Symptoms such as suffering from atopic dermatitis and psoriasis are due to an auto-immune disorder. The current mainstream treatment is to suppress those symptoms temporarily, but patients can barely stand the itchiness and blemish on their skin. Stem cell treatment is a truly ground-breaking treatment that makes it possible to control the pain and accelerate the skin renewal cycle.

Stem cell treatment is a truly ground-breaking treatment that makes possible both controlling the pain and accelerating skin renewal.
The stem cells are expected to suppress symptoms by suppressing immune function and to promote skin regeneration by transforming the stem cells into the skin tissue.

Since the patient’s own cells are utilized, it has few side effects. Also, the treatment will be completed in a short time.
This is a treatment that was featured on TV and drew attention because a celebrity who has been suffering from psoriasis got better.
Please contact us if your symptom does not improve with conventional treatment.

  • Autoimmune diseases: Dr. Shuji Hayashi (Every Monday and Tuesday)

Improvement for Brain disease , Liver disease and Cardiac disease

Organ diseases tend to be chronic and difficult to treat.
Furthermore, if symptoms are prolonged, lots of obstacles will come up, and in some cases, it could become a fatal situation. If you don’t get the result as you expected from your current treatment, you might see signs of improvement after receiving stem cell treatment.

The patient’s own fat is used to extract stem cells, which are subsequently cultured to enrich the “stem cells.” It is a form of treatment that infuses or injects newly created stem cells into the body. The injected stem cells transform into various types of cells in your body so that they can facilitate organ repair.
Thereby, it is possible to regenerate and make your condition better.
We provide not only stem cells via IV but a nasal spray for brain disease.

If there is no improvement in symptoms with typical treatments, please feel free to contact us.

  • Organ diseases: Dr. Shuji Hayashi (Every Monday and Tuesday)